PBR is an international leader company for rear and front sprockets production. This is not our only one business. We produce in Italy and sell transmission sprockets all over the world (rear and front sprockets, chains and kits) and accessories (handlebars, half handlebars, handlebar weights, bike stand knops, chain spray grease, crash pads and Mecdraulic) for all bike models, both racing and standard. 
Competence in the field, service reliability and very fast distribution have made PBR brand famous all over the world and have allowed that our products are required by the major market operators. An success achieved through years of technical and material researches, additional to specialized craftsmen manual abilities and to industrial technology precision with CNC machines.

  • The experience that we derive from competitions brings us to always develop forefront products.
  • State-of-the-art machineries and very strict checks grant us the highest ISO 9001 qualitative standards  ISO 9001
  • We produce thinking to our customers and thanks to a systematic work, we delivery orders quickly and within clear time

Our History

From a small artisanal turnery specializing in the processing of rear and front sprockets to a leading company in this sector with over 45 years of experience, research and experimentation. This is the PBR Sprockets, acronym of Palladino Bruno Ricambi, founded in 1969 and has since grown steadily both on a technical and commercial level, up to producing over three thousand pieces a day.
In 1973 we expanded our production to the after market, focusing exclusively on the motorcycle market and starting the collaboration with numerous Italian manufacturers, including Benelli, Moto Guzzi and Malaguti.
The next step was to directly follow the riders on the World circuits. This has allowed us to gain an important experience and to develop products with a high level of reliability able to withstand the most severe demands of competitions.
Thus began the collaboration with Aprilia - then also involved in off-road - and other prestigious brands such as Ducati, Betamotor, Bimota, Husaberg, Laverda, Honda, TM, Polini, BMW, to which we supplied road and off-road products, widening at the same time our horizons with lines dedicated to minimoto, kart and maximoto.


The success was linked to the exclusive use of high quality materials particularly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, such as carbon steel C45 or 18NCD5, and to the advice of valid testimonial-collaborators such as Fausto Gresini, Alex Puzar, Georges Jobè, Chicco Chiodi, Jorgen Nilsson, Michele Rinaldi, who provided us with important information for the development of our sprockets, always at the forefront.
Our PBR products have made a further leap in quality with the entry into the Superbike World Championship, thanks to the collaboration with prestigious teams such as the Ducati Team, in the Sport Production and in the Monomarca championships.
Parallel to the constant development of products that have become the benchmark of the category, we have increasingly broadened our horizons at an international level, making use of an efficient and widespread network of distributors and strengthening our presence in important markets such as the United States, Japan, South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The comparison with different realities has served us to understand and solve the problems, improve the product also from an aesthetic point of view and introduce in our business dumbbells and accessories.
In 2007, thanks to the optimization of production processes and products, we achieved certification ISO 9001